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San Francisco Bay Shoreline Guide

2012, Paperback, 248 pages.
[A State Coastal Conservancy book, with assistance from the Bay Trail Project.]

The second edition of the popular San Francisco Bay Shoreline Guide is the one essential book for anyone who wants to explore the remarkably diverse San Francisco Bay shoreline. Comprehensive, compact, user-friendly, and studded with full-color maps and illustrations, the guide covers the more than 325 miles of the shoreline Bay Trail already open to the public, a corridor that will eventually encircle San Francisco and San Pablo Bays with a continuous 500-mile network of bicycling and hiking trails.

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University of California Press
ISBN: 9780520274365
CAT NO. P12001NP

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The Bay Trail Plan: A Recreational Ring Around San Francisco Bay

July 1989, 65 pages. The Bay Trail is designed as a regional hiking and bicycling trail around the perimeter of San Francisco and San Pablo bays. This is the final plan which includes the goals, policies and proposed alignment of the Bay Trail. The 400-mile alignment is presented on 10 detailed maps.


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CAT. NO. P89005PLN

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Environmental Impact Reports: Bay Trail Plan

January/June 1989, approximately 160 pages. In the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) impacts of the Trail and mitigations are outlined and discussed. The Final EIR includes comments and responses to the Draft Environmental Impact Report and presents amended impacts and mitigations to the Bay Trail Plan . Twenty-two maps illustrate changes in the proposed Bay Trail alignment.

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CAT. NO. P90003PLN

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